My name is Skylar Blum, I grew up in suburban NY and I now live in Los Angeles, CA. My work pulls influences from both my east and west coast American quotidian lifestyle but also from the the stories of ancient kings and queens, alien invaders, and 70’s crime melodramas. All my work has a hint of a story in one way or another, although sometimes very subtle, always there. Like the feeling I get driving through an empty town in the middle of the night, maybe its the moment just before or after some kind of conflict occurred. It’s this feeling like you can taste or smell the remnants of burning rubber or morning dew, you can feel the warmth of light or the cool touch of shade on the back of your neck. I’m an illustrator, painter, photographer, designer, skateboarder, but overall I like to think of myself as a storyteller, whatever the medium may be.

Phone 9147722139


Sole (in-progress), Front Yard, May 2014


Somehow Commissioned # 1 : NOISE, Phinery, November 2014

Mossless Issue 3: The United States (2003-2013), MOSSLESS, June 2014


The Telephone Show, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 2014

A Process (Der Greif), Neue Galerie, Höhmannhaus, Augsburg, Germany 2014

Common Ground, 1780 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 2013

V, Purchase College, Purchase, NY 2012

Milk & Honey, Forum Art Space, Purchase, NY 2012

Works On Paper, The Passage Gallery, Purchase, NY 2012


The Other Story, Digital Exhibition at Front Yard, 2014


Wandering Bears (conversation), 2015
Mull It Over (interview), 2015
Paper Journal, 2014
Phinery (interview), 2014
American Photo Mag, 2013


BFA, Purchase College, Purchase, NY 2012